Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apologies. Apologies.  The holidays are nearly over now.   Shortly after my last (only) post,  I decided it would be a fantastic idea to knit most of my holiday gifts.  Ever since that fateful day, I have been trapped in a black hole of deadline knitting.

Behold the fruits of my labor:

Yarn: Cascade Greenland
Needle: US 5
I made these cute little guys for my two youngest nephews.  These guys were super quick.  I had one hiccup.  While assembling them on Christmas Eve eve, I discovered that I had made one leg and one arm a bit longer than the rest.   It was a quick fix,  I'm glad I noticed while I was frantically trying to 
 finish everything.

Pattern: Green Point
Yarn: Rowan Summer Tweed
Needle: US 10
More pics on Ravelry.  The pattern called for Sprout and size 13 needles. I thought it was way to large of a shawl as written.  I opted for a thinner yarn and smaller needle. I made this for my mother in law for Christmas. She spends most of the winter in Florida so I thought a silk and cotton wrap was appropriate.  I hope she liked it.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden
Needle: US 5
I love this pattern.  I made a pair over the summer for myself and I made these for my mom.   I love Silk Garden in garter stitch.   These work up pretty quick, I think I got them done in two evenings.

Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande
Needle: US 11
I made five of these in total.  I made the four above and then an extra grape one.   These were for my sister, sister-in-laws and one of my knitting buddies.   This pattern is so incredibly quick and I looove the results.

Yarn: Crystal Palace Mochi Plus
Needle: US 5
These were for my little tween nieces.  I made them a bit longer so they are a bit more like gauntlets.

 This was my only non-knitting handmade gift.  I made it for a good friend who loves 80s movies.  I found the chart on Esty.

That's it for now.  I'll be back soon with my 2012 knitting resolutions and a New Year's Day yarn adventure.

Happy knitting!!!

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